Revello Rifreddo

di potenza installata
milioni di kWh
di energia prodotta
persone soddisfatte
milioni di kg
di CO2 risparmiata

The Revello-Rifreddo hydroelectric plant, located in the municipalities of the same name in the Province of Cuneo, provides for the derivation of water from Canale del Molino di Revello e Rifreddo and is characterized by a very low environmental impact. By optimizing the current irrigation system, without any further withdrawal from the Po river, the plant is able to produce 3,750,000 Kwh / year. After a penstock section, the water extracted reaches the production plant where a Francis vertical-axis electromechanical unit is installed and produces up to 0.700 Mw of power by exploiting a jump of 66.7 meters.

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