As simple as powerful.

So is our commitment towards future generations.

Living and working on the slopes of the mountains allows us to renew day by day our awareness of the word “sustainability” and its real meaning. It is about a synergistic bond that turns into a strategic alliance between energy, environment, territory and people.

And by pursuing this kind of vision, since the very beginning, we have always invested only in plants that use renewable energy sources and that do not generate any emissions either locally or globally.

Our goal is to produce green energy efficiently, by using resources in an effective way and exploiting the best technologies available. In so doing, we do achieve the goal of sustainability in all our activities.

We evaluate the environmental impact at each design and implementation stage: our methodological and strategic approach aims to prevent, remove and – where not feasible – contain and minimize the environmental impact related to our activities.

Our essential starting point consists in operating in compliance with current environmental provisions: each of our activities is carried out by fully and preventively ensuring that any compliance obligation is always acknowledged and taken as a reference in daily operations.

For all these reasons, we have adopted an Environmental Management System in compliance with the ISO 14001 international standards and we operate with shared practices aligned with the reference standards.

We have certified the processes of Bissi Holding S.p.A., main company that deals with the design, development and management control of hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants and which makes up the heart of our activities.

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