“Buziaş Blue sky 1” photovoltaic plantAs a part of the “Buziaş” photovoltaic plant, this installation owes its name to the homonymous town in northern Romania. “Buziaş Blue Sky 1” is a ground level plant which consists of 4160 panels, each generating 240 Wp of power. It has an output of 998,4 Kwp and produces 1.250.000 Kwh yearly. …

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Solar Darova

“Solar Darova 1” photovoltaic plantAs a part of the “Darova” photovoltaic  plant, this installation owes its name to the homonymous town in northern Romania. “Solar Darova 1” is a ground level plant which consists of 2080 panels, each generating 240 Wp of power. It has an output of 499,2 Kwp and produces 625.000 Kwh yearly. …

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The Varrone plant is situated in the Valsassina Valley, near Lecco in northern Italy. The peculiarity of the area is the high rainfall and the high quantity of snow until late in the Spring. It has 2 horizontal axis Francis turbines and can turn 5000 l/s producing an output of 1,5 Mw. A tunnel hosts …

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The Secchione hydro plant is located in Chiesa in Valmalenco. It benefits from an altitude difference of 420 meters and comes from a basin surrounded by peaks and mountains over 3000 meters high. The generator consists of a horizontal axis Pelton turbine with an output of 1,8 Mw. The plant produces 4.500.000 Kwh.


The Vaniga hydro plant, situated in the Valvarrone valley, has an output capacity of 600 Kwh. The electricity is generated by 2 Pelton groups on vertical axis able to optimize the production of the plant due to high streamflow variability. With respect to environmental flow regimes, it can get up to a maximum flow of …

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Lambro Crescenzago

Lambro Milano Crescenzago is a low-head hydro plant with a flow rate of 15.000 litres per second after a 2,1 meter drop. Situated in the administrative territory of Lombardy’s capital and built upon a former irrigation channel, it offers a great peculiarity: three innovative screw turbines. Thanks to this plant we can produce clean energy …

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The plant started producing energy in 2015. It is located in Valcamonica and uses the water flowing down from the Aprica Pass. The wide basin is able to ensure high flow rates. A 2.5 km long fiberglass penstock with a diameter of 1.8 m carries the water from the intake structure downstream to the powerhouse. …

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Alto Mallero

This is the first plant, which started producing energy in 1999. It consists of two Francis turbines and a Pelton turbine and has a fiberglass penstock . It is connected to the national grid via an underground power line. When at maximum capacity, the plant produces 4,5 Megawatt turning 6300 l/s on a 85 meter …

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Sasso Bisolo

The plant is situated in Valmasino (Sondrio) in Northern Italy. Its 10 Mw output capacity produces an impressive 24.000.000 Kwh/year. The plant has attracted great attention from both an electro-mechanical and architectural point of view. The water intake, at a height of 1400 mt above sea level, comes directly from glaciers, the highest of which …

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This solar panel plant is a remarkable achievement in that it has been constructed on what used to be environmentally threatened land –a transformation which now has a generating potential of 3,186 Mwp. The plant consists of 12.496 panels covering a surface area of 12 hectares, once the ‘Coppa’ quarrying site, and now generates 4.000.000 …

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