Hydroelectric plants


The Secchione hydro plant is located in Chiesa in Valmalenco. It benefits from an altitude difference of 420 meters and comes from a basin surrounded by peaks and mountains over 3000 meters high. The generator consists of a horizontal axis Pelton turbine with an output of 1,8 Mw. The plant produces 4.500.000 Kwh.

Lambro Monza

This is a low-jump power plant which exploits a maximum flow rate of 15,000 liters per second on a gradient of 3.1 meters created by an existing gate-structure dam. The electromechanical unit is made up of a Kaplan bulb turbine with a completely submerged generator. The plant is located in a highly anthropized and urbanized …

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Revello Rifreddo

The Revello-Rifreddo hydroelectric plant, located in the municipalities of the same name in the Province of Cuneo, provides for the derivation of water from Canale del Molino di Revello e Rifreddo and is characterized by a very low environmental impact. By optimizing the current irrigation system, without any further withdrawal from the Po river, the …

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Iscla Edolo

The plant exploits the water of the Oglio river captured in the Iscla area in the municipality of Monno. After a penstock section of about 2.5 km in length, the water reaches the production plant in the Municipality of Edolo. At full load, the three Francis horizontal-axis turbine units, by exploiting a gradient of over …

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The plant exploits the water of the Valle Segur, Cuccio di Cavargna and Valle di Piazza Vecchia streams, and is located in the municipalities of San Nazzaro Val Cavargna and Cavargna in the Province of Como (CO). The plant includes three separate intake structures that converge in the same production plant, located at 879.2 m …

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